In House Projects


“Harry & Doofus” is a comedy about two buddies - like Rocky and Bullwinkle - except they hate each other! HARRY is a gung-ho warrior rabbit wannabe – and a commoner. PRINCE LEONARDO DU FUSS (“DOOFUS”) is a pampered lion of the Royal Family. Total opposite ends of the social spectrum. Brave vs. fearful. Driven vs. lazy. Combative vs. mellow.

But these two tweens are thrown together by royal decree. Now Harry and Doofus must muddle through their adolescent years as adversarial allies.

And yet, these hilarious opposites manage to rub off on each other, instilling their best qualities on the other and slowly… very slowly… becoming fast friends.


Co-production Projects - Consulting Services

TrioToon Studios has undertaken numerous projects under our wing and we are currently associated with the following projects.

Project I

NEPHLIM - This 3D Feature Animation project, TrioToon successfully executed a Co-Production deal between Cinewrex (London, UK) and Motion Makers (Mumbai, India). Currently project is in production and well underway.
NEPHILIM is a 3D animation feature, Developed in London and Los Angeles under the supervision of director Danny Wilson, for the big screen. The motion picture is complimented by a comic book series, currently in publication, and to be released parallel to the movie. Already, the first six issues of the comic have been completed.

Project II

BUGS - This 3D Animation Feature Film has a total budget of USD $8.5M. Looking for a Co-Production Partner for USD $4.25M. The salient features of this film are:

75 minutes in length, including credits
24 FPS Stereoscopic
Out Put in DCI/Ultra HD Stereoscopic 4K
Animation key frame (3D)
Development shall occur in USA. All other stages of production shall occur in India.
The estimated delivery date shall be 18 months after the start of development.

Project III

THE SPIDER - A Supernatural thriller Live Action Feature Film. The total budget of this film is approximately USD $21.0M. Looking for a Co-Production Partner for VFX/DI work with a budget of USD $2.5M.

The project is currently in pre production mode. Production will commence in 3 months.

There are Hollywood big guns that will be working under this banner such as multi-Oscar winning composer (Lord of the Rings, Gangs of New York), an iconic British actor (Star Trek: Generations), visual and special effects gurus (Lord of the Rings, Mission Impossible) and King Kong’s Casting Director.